ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra Uttara Kannada bags  Best Krishi Vgyan Kendra Award 2021  by ICAR- National Research Center on Banana, Thiruchirapalli, Tamilanadu for dissemination of Banana technologies.

ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Uttara Kannada, Sirsi,has bagged the Best Krishi Vgyan Kendra Award 2021 in   for dissemination of Banana technologies category.  The award was received from Dr. S. K. Malhotra, Agril. Commissioner, GoI, New Delhi during 28th Foundation day of  ICAR- National Research Center on Banana, Thiruchirapalli, Tamilanadu on 21.08.2021 through virtual mode. ICAR- Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Uttara Kananda has dissiminated the banana based technologies on advanced production technologies, plant protection, introduction of new varieties and processing & value addition  through various extension activities.  

Commendable contributions of ICAR-KVK Uttara Kannada, Sirsi  in promoting Banana Based Technologies
Banana is an important fruit crop of Uttara Kannada district which is mainly grown as mixed crop in Arecanut garden.  The region is also known for traditional/local banana varieties viz., kari bale, boodh bale, mitli, mysore mitli, sakkare bale, shanbale, bargi bale which   are used for  table  as well as vegetable. Along with traditional varieties,  G-9 variety of Banana is being cultivated as sole crop in  transitional talukas viz., part of Sirsi, Mundagod and Haliyal.

The major problems identified in banana are:  Micro and macro nutrient deficiency, sheath rot, panama wilt disease, pseudo stem weevil, banana leaf roller, non availability of suitable varieties for processing, lack of knowledge on processing and value addition.
ICAR-KVK Uttara Kannada Sirsi, addressed these issues by organizing extension activities through FLDs, OFTs, Trainings, FFS, Diagnostic field visits, seminar, workshop and print media. Research activities on newly introduced insect pest banana leaf roller management and use of pre emergent weedicide were taken up with commendable outcome.
Technologies disseminated and widely adopted by the banana growers are:

  • Bunch care technologies to maximize yield in banana: There is increase in yield to the tune of 19.11 % and reduction in harvest day by 14.1 days. 750 farmers adopted this technology.
  • Promotion of High Density Banana planting with modified nutrient management.
  • Foliar Spray of Banana Special  for correcting Micro nutrient deficiency in Banana:   35% increase in Banana yield with horizontal spread of 986 ha.
  • Demonstration of  Sequential foliar spray of  propiconazole @ 1 ml/l spraying on to leaves, petiole, leaf sheath for two to three times at 15 days interval.   for management of Banana Sheath Rot: There was 89% reduction in disease and 38% increase in Banana fruit yield. This technology has spread to 350 ha.
  • Low cost management of Panama Wilt in Banana through pseudo stem injection of Boric acid+Carbendazim+COC ( 3 g each per litre of water) @ 30 ml per plant:  Widely accepted by the farmers and spread to an area of 1500 ha. Resulted in 96.03 % recovery from disease.
  • Management of pseudo stem weevil through Stem injection with  Chlorpyriphos @ 20 ml/l or Monocrotophos @ 10 ml/l injecting 100 ml /plant at 3 locations ( base, middle, top portion of plant) : Farmers have accepted the technology and the pest control is to the tune of 100%. Earlier 96 ha had affected from this pest now the incidence is very low (less than 2.5%).
  • A new insect pest in Uttara Kannada - Banana Leaf Roller Erionota torus (Evans) management through foliar spray of green labelled insecticide viz., Neemazal 10000ppm @ 2 ml/l and Flubendiamide @ 0.2 ml/l   : Using green labelled insecticides,  incidence of leaf roller has reduced to the tune of 89.4%, hence the banana yield enhanced by 18%. Present area covered under this technology is 185 ha.
  • Introduction of Udhayam banana variety for making quality processed food products.
  • Promotion of Banana Flour value addition and processing: State level workshop and trainings, exhibitions are organized to promote house hold entrepreneurs.

This excellence is  only because of the great tem work of staff member  of ICAR-Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Uttara Kannada and brought the glory to the institute with  Best KVK Award- 2021.