Activities under Parthenium awareness week Animal Health Campaign at Chanmavu Village of Siddapur Tq. under RKVY Celebration of International womens Day Celebration of World Environmental Day Check plot with weeds and demo plot without weeds- impact of pre-emergent weedicide under FLD ICM in Maize Demonstration of Pit method of planting sugarcane under OFT Assessment of Planting Methods in Sugarcane Diagnostic visit to problematic areca plot Distribution of Soil Health Cards during World Soil Health Day Celebrations DV to Kaiyigudde (Yellowing drying of areca leaves) Educating school children of Kotemane Village in Yellapur Tq. on importance of Cleanliness under Swachata Pakwada Programme Farmer-Bankers interface meet  in collaboration with NABARD Field day on ICM in Groundnut at CFLD ICM in Groundnut plot at Agasuru, Ankola Tq. under RKVY Field Day on Pineapple and Swacha Bharat Pakawada Programme Field visit to Blackpepper plot at Kanakodlu Field visit to Groundnut FLD plot at Sagadageri, Ankola Tq. Field visit to Kanagod for collecting information about  agroforestry Field visit to OFT KMP 105 short duration paddy variety as a contingent crop plan for late Kharif Field visit under FLD IPM in Cashew Field Visits to Blast affected paddy fields in Banavasi Hobli FLD ICM In paddy- Incidence of blast in check plot where as demo plot is healthy FV to IFS FLD plot with green manure crop FV to rice swarming caterpillar affected field at Kondalagi, Sirsi Guest Lecture on paddy plant protection at Kerehosalli IMG-20160901-WA0044 Method demonstration on plastic mulching for management of wilt in black pepper Nutrient application to areca palm under FLD Observations on  brood lac Observations on banana leaf roller under OFT Observations on sucking pests in Bt. cotton in FLD Plot Offcampus training on identification of paddy pests at Vanalli, Sirsi Tq. On campus training to farmers Oncampus training on Mushroom Cultivation Paddy Seed production at KVK Instructional Farm Participation in Krish Abhiyana Programme of KSDA, Karwar- Delivering lecture on insect pests of paddy at Sonda, Sirsi tq Participation in Totagarike Mela at UHS Bagalkot Preparation of spraying mixture under OFT Management of berry drop in Black pepper Scientist Farmer Interaction during Pre Rabi Workshop at Kulle Village of Siddapur Tq. Training and method demonstration to Rural Youth on dapog method of paddy seedbed preparation Visit of Dr. Srinath Dixit, Director, ATARI, Zone 8, Bengauru along woth KVK staff to progressive Farmer Shri. Prasad Rama Hegde's plot at Kanakodlu, Yellapur Tq. Visit of Hon'ble Agr. Ministrer of Shri. Krishna Baire Gowda GOK & MLA Shri. Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri to the KVK Stall during Organic Mela organized by KVK in collaboration with KSDA, Karwar