Grafting of Blackppper on Wild Hipli - A ray of hope to combat wilt disease

Shri. Narayana Dattatreya Hegde is a resident of Antravalli village of Kumta taluk in Uttar Kannada district of Karnataka. Due to poverty, he left his education after 12th Standard and involved in ancestral agriculture activity. He owns around 3 acres of land and planted blackpepper seedlings as a mixed crop trained on arecanut standards. But, the plants started dying at the time of yielding due to the deadly disease of black pepper – Phytopthora  wilt. This disease affects all the parts viz., leaf, stem, collar and roots.   All efforts were in vain to survive the plants for about 16-18 years.

During Krishi Mela  at Puttur in  Dakshina Kannada district, he got information about grafted black pepper (Piper nigrum) seedlings with Piper collubrimum as root stock.  Initially he brought around 1300 grafted seedlings of Panniyur variety of pepper during January 2010. He planted the seedling in areca based cropping system and started managing the crop with only organic manures, vermicompost, biodigester slurry  and bordo spray.  He surprised when the vines started bearing berries with 2 years of planting, in the year 2012 he harvested about 1.25 kg pepper , 475 kgs In 2013 and 1200 kgs in 2014.  Now the plants are of 25- 30 feet height  without  phytopthora  wilt disease problem, where as the neighbouring non grafted vines are affected by the disease.  Looking into the success of grafted cuttings and demand from the fellow farmers, Mr. N. D. Hegde  started producing grafted seedlings of pepper in 2012. In the year 2012 he sold around 12000 seedlings.  The demand for the seedlings is increasing day by day , at present he is selling around 350000 seedling per year.  To meet out this huge need, he has  trained  15-20 local farmers in grafting technology and  provided  them year round employment in his farm. 

Spread of the Innovation:
Within a span of 2 years he has sold around 5-6 Lakhs grafted seedlings to the Govt. Agencies like Horticulture Dept. Karnataka State, Individual Farmers, NGO, Farmers Groups etc.  His technology has spread to neighbouring districts like Chikkamagalur, Udupi, Uttara Kananda, Davanageri of Karnataka and Adjoining Goa State.

Considering his vast experience in production of grafted pepper seedlings and also  in organic production technologies of black pepper,  many government  agencies,  NGO’s, farmer groups invite him as resource person to deliver lecture during meetings/seminars/trainings etc.  

Impact of the innovation :

  • To revive the black pepper cultivation in Uttara Kannada distict,  the Department of Horticulture has selected Shri N. D. Hegde, Antravalli Village of Kumta Taluk, Uttar Kannada distict to supply 1 lakh grafted blackpepper seedlings under cluster village programme during 2014.
  • Apart from this, every year he is selling around 350000 seedlings to the farmers of neighboring districts  @ 30 Rs / seedling.
  • Economic status of Shri. N. D. Hegde has increased
  • He has created employment opportunities to local farmers.

Awards/ recognitions received:
Considering the achievements in production of healthy grafted blackpepper seedlings, he has been bestowed with many awards and recognitions.

  • Innovative Farmer Award by IARI,New Delhi during Krishi Vigyan Mela, Pusa for the Year 2014-15
  • Innovative farmer award by  University of Agricultural Sciences, Dharwad during Krishi Mela, 2013
  • Felicitation by Mandalik Charitable and Welfare trust Karwar on the eve of Farmers day on 23.12.2012
  • Felicitation by Jana Janani  Go Raksha Janajagrati Abhiyan on 15-19th Dec, 2013
  • Felicitation by Kannada Rajyotsava Samithi, Kumta during Nudi Habba 2014.
  • Honored by  Department of Horticuture, Uttar Kannada for his excellent work in blackpepper seedling production
  • Honoured by many NGO’s – Navachetana Kalumenasu belegarara Sangha,  Swarnavalli Krishi Prithisthan etc.
Contact Details :
Shri . Narayana Dattatreya Hegde
At : Nadigadde, Post : Antaravalli
Taluk : Kumta
Dist : Uttar Kannada
State : Karnataka
 Cell No : 08277394054
Residence : 08386--264248